Report: Building the Optimal NGA Service Portfolio

Today we released a report that has required a massive amounts of research and analysis to help answer one of the most complex issues around NGA development: how to build a portfolio that balances attractiveness (to maximise take-up) and profitability (to optimise payback). This report not only explores service offerings of dozens of operators to highlight best practices and interesting approaches, it oulines a method to optimize service portfolios for NGA players no matter which technology they chose (FTTH, FTTN or Docsis 3.0).

This is vital reading for broadband providers entering (or already operating in) the NGA space, but also for infrastructure providers wanting to understand their customers’ ecosystem and vendors trying to advise their operator customers.


Who We Are

Diffraction Analysis was founded by Benoît Felten, a recognized global broadband expert. Our areas of expertise include business modeling, deployment strategies, commercial and marketing best-practices, policy, and economic opportunities for Online Service Providers as well as Network Operators.

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