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Lag stress: a major disorder of the 21st century?

When it comes to broadband, most people tend to focus on maximum speeds… Download speeds, upload speeds… And I certainly include myself

Altice and ERDF: a perfect match for rural fiber in France?

Altice has drawn significant attention from the French telecom world since it announced 3 months ago that it would deploy fiber throughout France without public subsidies. The unexpected pledge brought further uncertainty to a national broadb

A glimpse at open Internet performance data: M-Lab

With the heated net neutrality debate in Europe and the US, the question of objective indicators to measure the performance of broadb

Huawei Analyst Summit 2017: it’s an All-Cloud world

Two weeks ago I attended Huawei’s 14th Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, a.k.a. ‘HAS 2017’. Over 500 industry/financial analysts and media representatives were

Advertising the Fiber Experience

Advertising the Fiber Experience


Advertising telecom offers is a challenging task, and even more so for innovative solutions : finding the right message to convince potential