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Real-Estate and Fiber in Lebanon

After the FTTH Council Europe Real-estate and FTTH webinar (the replay of which can be found here), I was sent this

Interview on Australian Telecom Podcast Crosstalk

Last week I was interviewed by Phil Dobbie on the Australian Telecom Podcast Crosstalk about the viability of on-demand FTTP. The whole

Don’t put your trust in on-demand FTTP…

On Tap by Benoît Felten (benfelten)) on

One of the most interesting features of this week’s alternative NBN plan published by the Australian opposition (see my article Australia’s NBN becomes a political football on Telecom TV) is this notion of “on-dem

Debunking the Free-Rider Myth

The debate on net neutrality has been heated these last few months, with various initiatives both at policy levels and ISP levels highlighting

Presentation on Stokab with talking track and moving arms

During the SKL event in Brussels last week my presentation was filmed, and it's been edited in a great way (I think). You

Why the Bandwidth Debate Judders On?

In December I went over to London to do an interview with Telecom TV’s Martyn Warwick on the reality (or not) of the b