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A glimpse at open Internet performance data: M-Lab

With the heated net neutrality debate in Europe and the US, the question of objective indicators to measure the performance of broadb

DT didn’t shelf its variable rate plans…


There was an interesting and animated discussion on twitter yesterday about the fact that journalists systematically present network congestion due to Online

How much money is there in Net Discrimination?


One of the striking realizations of my Analyst career was when I found out that very often companies in the broadband

Net Neutrality Threatened…

Last night the US regulator FCC announced that they were carving out exceptions to Net Neutrality rulings for “fast lanes” that ISPs could charge to OSPs. Only in La La L

Fantastic Video on Net Neutrality

I’ve long held the idea that a short video explaining the concept of net neutrality to joe and jane average should be feasible.

Broadband and Over-the-Top

Plum Consulting has released a really excellent and concise paper on the impact of over-the-top services on the telco business model. It's entitled

Collaborative is the new black

Last week I had the opportunity to speak about Net Neutrality at two separate events organised for and around internet start-ups. The first