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Data Caps are the new front on the net neutrality war

Gaffel Kolsch by Generallysceptical ) on

The tech press has been abuzz last week when it was first leaked and later announced that Deutsche Telekom would soon apply data

This is why Net Neutrality matters. Yes, this.

I have written a fair bunch recently about Net Neutrality, and I'll be writing some more, because this is by no means an

Net Neutrality Debate à la Française

Over the Seine

Since the recent (and thankfully short lived) decision by Free to block Google's advertising content for users of their set-top box, the

Orange fights back… intelligently!

Orange No. 1
Orange (CC) avhell

Over the years I’ve been fairly critical of Orange both in the way they captured the NGA market and contributed

Latency certainly matters for video viewing…

Two scientists from Akamai recently published a paper entitled Video Stream Quality Impacts Viewer Behavior: Inferring Causality Using Quasi-Experimental Designs. Now Akamai being in the business of optimizing internet traffic flows

A Masterful Response to ETNO’s Lobbying for ‘Sender Pays’ Internet

Scales of Justice Brisbane Courts-1=
Scales of Justice Brisbane Courts – (CC) Sheba_Also


The coming decisions in December regarding possible changes in Internet regulation by the ITU at the heavy-h

F2C, the must-attend telecom policy conference


In 2009, I was lucky and flattered enough to be invited to speak at Freedom to Connect, the telecom policy organised in Washington

A slap in the face of Net Discrimination lobbyists

In the wake of AT Kearney's infamous report A Viable Future Model for the Internet, many analysts, journalists and activists pointed out

Net Neutrality is Good for Telcos

I was interviewed last Friday by dutch web newspaper Web Wereld about Net Neutrality. You are no doubt aware that the Netherlands