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FiOS TV Interface

Us Paul Kaputska over at NewTeeVee mentions the beta release (and displays a screenshot) of the new Verizon FiOS Interactive Media Guide.

Zitius: a model for open FTTH

Olle_svensson_zitius Suede Last week I interviewed Olle Svensson who’s the product marketing guy at Zitius, a Swedish FTTH player who has a specific and

BT OpenReach to deploy FTTH ?

Keith McMahon over at TeleBusilis mentions that BT seems to be in the early stages of planning FTTH deployment. So far, what he’s gathered is that they will go with GPON

New government sponsored deployment North-East of Paris

I read in the Parisien yesterday that a new project was being launched by two French départements (I guess you could call them districts in English…) Seine Saint-Denis

The Promise of Fiber (II): To the Network/Service Provider

Continuiing the series of reflexions to try and figure out who gets what out of FTTH deployments, I now examine things from the

Let there be a debate!

In response to Mark Seery’s comments on my article The point of PON and on his own blog, I wanted to respond that