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Veniam Wants to Build a Smart City One WiFi Bus at a Time


Startup Veniam lands $4.9 million Series A round to build its WiFi for moving vehicles network to enable municipal WiFi for

The Empire Strikes Back: AT&T threatens to pull Paltry US Fibre Investment


In a sure sign that net neutrality won’t be instituted in the US without one hell of a struggle, AT&T CEO, R

Why Comrade Cameron went all Russell Brand on the UK’s mobile networks


National Roaming Rǝʌolution, innit!


The Telegraph is not exactly a subtle publication, and this article is no exception. For once

Let’s Discuss Structural Separation

At Diffraction Analysis, we (ie. Thomas Langer and Benoît Felten) have been busy these last few months working on a series of reports

Meet us as Broadband World Forum


This week, starting Tuesday 22nd of October is BBWF in Amsterdam, one of the most important events about broadband in Europe.

Google Europe Blog: Dear Rupert



I am sometimes frustrated in the current policy debates because Google tends to not respond to accusations, even when said accusations are just plain stupid. So it’s fun