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Orange: Autumn/Winter Collection

Orange winter
For the last couple of years, Orange's short-term innovation (as in, innovation that is rapidly applicable to commercial products) has been driven by a "collection" approach, just like Fashion. Every semester, the product teams must present internally, and then externally



In the context of a briefing with Cisco regarding their FTTH strategy, I was invited at a Telepresence conference last week. Participants were spread around Europe, with one in the UK, one in Vienna and one in Munich. There were

Disrupting the enterprise market?

For evident reasons – is it not, after all, called Fiber to the Home – most FTTH announcements don’t dwell on the issue of enterprise services. Residential-only service providers usually mention that FTTH will provide opportunities to address the lower-end

Blurred vision

France Be forewarned: this is a close as a political rant as you’ll ever read in these pages. As most of you probably know, our new government in France is keen on breaking the back of what they call our social