Release: database of fiber projects


There are many resources available on the global numbers for FTTx around the world, be they subscriber numbers or ports shipped. However, all of these numbers tend to look at things by country as the narrowest categorization of data.

Diffraction Analysis keeps an eye on the evolution of the global NGA market, by focusing on individual initiatives around the world, and keeping track of the main characteristics of the NGA rollout projects. The database currently tracks around 170 projects worldwide, and sees regular updates on the various data it includes:

  • Who: leading operator and partners involved in the project;
  • Where & when: areas targeted by the project, and start/end year
  • Operational status: status, connected homes, homes passed, subscribers
  • Targets (connected homes, homes passed, subscribers) • Investment committed
  • Technology used (FTTC, FTTB, FTTH, P2P, PON…)
  • Vendors
  • Performance (ARPU, cost per home passed…)
  • Financing partners (private, local government, national government)

In order to focus on the most significant projects, the database by default only includes project that have at least 100 000 homes passed or 20 000 subscribers. There are exceptions for projects that Diffraction Analysis considers significant in one way or another even though they may not have reached these levels.

Check the Nomenclature of FTTx Database for a full list of the fields included in the database.

Click here for a sample of the database.

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