FTTH Council Europe 2017: “Together, building a brighter future”


At first when I heard that the FTTH Council Europe was going to have its conference in Marseille, I couldn’t figure out why instead of going to a new country the Council was going to a smaller city in a country it had already been in. But as the event drew nearer, I realised that it actually made a whole lot of sense: in most countries in Europe, capital cities enjoy some form of fiber access these days. Sure, Germany and the UK are notable exceptions, but even in these countries things are moving in the right direction.

But much as it is important for the largest cities in a given country to see fiber deployment, it is much more important that plans be put in place to ensure the broadest possible deployment. And that includes (but should not be limited to) Tier 2 cities like Marseille.

Diffraction Analysis, like every year since 2010 will be an Analyst Partner of the FTTH Council Europe Conference. We will be present in the Analyst Corner and will cover the event through twitter and blog posts.

This year, we will come with no less than four fresh reports that we believe are immediately useful to any broadband operator:

  • Entering the IoT Market as a Broadband Operator assesses the opportunities and pitfalls of providing IoT services and examines the best models to do so profitably;
  • Advertising the fiber experience analyses over 130 TV ads for fiber broadband from all over the world and looks at trends in messaging, visuals, issue framing and gigabit specifics;
  • Has the Time for Fixed Wireless Finally Arrived ? looks into the latest developments in last mile wireless capability and examines the opportunity offered by fixed wireless as well as the regulatory and economic challenges to make it work;
  • Making Open Access Successful looks at the different approaches to Open Access, the requirements and challenges in making it work and draws from experiences all over the world to constitute the most up to date ‘how to’ guide in ensuring open access is functional and effective.

We will be available for discussions and briefings throughout the event, please reach out to us for conversations. Our CEO Benoit Felten will also be speaking in at least two workshops on February 14th:
– Fiber to commercial premises with Passive Optical LAN
– NGPON2 Forum

As an analyst partner we can also let you benefit from a 20% discount on your registration fees by using the code FTTH56MAR.

We hope to see you there, please get in touch if you want to meet!