Happy New Year, Bonne Année, 新年快乐

We at Diffraction Analysis are rarely early on our new year’s wishes. It’s in our french DNA to wait for the end of January (which conveniently brings us closer to celebrating the Chinese Year of the Rooster as well). But rest assured we are pleased to address you our best wishes for 2017 and hope that this new year will be full of interesting projects, successes, and personal fulfillments.


2017 is shaping up to be a year of changes, challenges, and perhaps uncertainty in our telco world:
• Service providers will further develop gigabit offerings, pushed by the development of Docsis 3.1 on cable networks, more ambitious fixed wireless offerings, and the development of new uses such as virtual reality;
• The Internet of Things market will see even more competition in connectivity, with new players in the European Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) landscape, but perhaps some consolidation around platforms;
• NFV and SDN solutions will thrive, helping operators to modernize their networks and become more reactive in service design;
• Net neutrality will most certainly be challenged in the US, and perhaps in other countries as a consequence… unless emerging markets like India lead the way in reaffirming its core tenets;
• Gradually policy makers are starting to realize that infrastructure competition is unlikely to deliver universal fibre broadband. This acknowledgement will impact policy, although the process will be slow and gradual.

Diffraction Analysis is committed to support existing and new customers in anticipating and preparing for these challenges in the year(s) to come. There will be opportunities to be seized as well, and we will be here to assist in doing so as well.

The Diffraction Analysis team

PS: if you happen to be in Marseille on February 14th – 16th for the FTTH Council EU Conference, drop us an email, we’ll be glad to meet you there.