Fully Loaded Cost of Residential Fiber in Singapore

Sg_dp Last week ZDNet Asia released a really interesting article entitled Hidden costs to set up home NBN. The article highlights the various installation costs that are detailed in small letters at the bottom of the offerings, including home installation, activation fees and CPE rental costs. It's actually partially incomplete (in my opinion) because it doesn't look at contract durations, another habitual hidden cost. I was able to find a 24 month contract duration on Superinternet's website, but couldn't find the others (I didn't look too hard, to be fair...)

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to calculate fully loaded costs (what businesses would call TCO) for home owners in Singapore and do a comparison for similar offerings. As always, these comparisons are flawed because what is on offer is never exactly the same, and therefore comparison isn't entirely accurate. In this instance, SingTel has decided to not offer 100Mbps, and are (unsurprisingly) the most expensive, but they have a factual argument to explain why...

Anyway, I plotted the results in a little graph below:

20101024 Singapore NBN Loaded Costs Graph
I hope this is useful to my readers in Singapore and maybe to others who are wondering how the NBN is shaping up out there! As of today, a Singapore Dollar is worth roughly 0.75 US Dollars and 0.55 EUR, so by international standards, these are affordable offerings. Of course, a thorough analysis would need to take into account purchasing power in singapore compared with a variety of other places and... I don't have time to do that right now!