A visual snapshot of Broadband World Forum 2011 #bbwf11

I spent most of the week last week at Broadband World Forum 2011 in Paris. BBWF is one of my favourite shows, and I hope that the change of venue next year won't alter that. What's great about it is that it's big enough to attract everyone who is anyone in the industry, but it's small enough that people actually have time for meaningful discussions (it's not just a succession of shallow briefings...)

The big story, as I mentioned last week, was VDSL vectoring, a topic that we will no doubt talk about again. During the conference though I wondered how I might be able to capture the essence of what the show revolved around, and I came up with the idea of jotting down every slogan from every stand in the exhibition floor and build a word cloud out of them. I might have missed a few locations (took me a lot of time, believe me) but I find the results interesting and would be interested in your own comments on the topic (you can click on the image for a larger version).

Wordle bbwf11I don't want to get too philosophical about interpreting this, these are, after all, only marketing messages, but still I see a couple of intriguing things here:

  • despite the big vectoring story, the word fiber was still more prominent than the words copper, DSL or VDSL,
  • ethernet comes extremely high, which seems to confirm if need be that ethernet is eating its way up in the network architecture,
  • in-home networking solutions were a big topic (especially amongst small niche vendors, I should add) with home, wifi and cpe coming relatively high
  • surprising how small the word cloud is considering how much of a buzz it is in the broader tech circles; maybe it's because it was just a broadband show...

Any more comments on this from others who attended the show floor?