The growing impact of FTTH

Us_dpSomeone told me recently that an AT&T executive was heard to say that FTTC was their billion dollars mistake. I don't know if there's any truth to it, but one thing I do know is that the impact of the diverging strategies between Verizon and AT&T is certainly showing on the customer quality of experience side. 

I spent some time last week with the excellent people at Measurement Labs, and while the visualization tool currently available only features a small subset of their data, there are already interesting comparisons to be made there. Here's a little series of tests I ran on comparative analysis of Verizon and AT&T performance: 




These graphs show median measurements for all three metrics (download, upload and roud-trip time). I don't know yet how to explain the time variations, especially not the huge spike in upload speed from Verizon in early 2011 over the course of a few months. Could be the take up of a new symetric offering, I'm not really sure. 

What's clear though is that Verizon trumps AT&T on every metric by a wide-margin. Guess whose customers are getting the better experience...