FibreCamp in Paris on Oct. 3rd


Next Saturday an important event will be held in Paris regarding the understanding of FTTH and how it mayy be used. A FibreCamp will be held at La Cantine (the place where we held OWD), organised by Silicon Sentier.

The FiberCamp is a Bar Camp, ie. a collaborative discussion and brainstorm around fiber to the home and it's implications. It's free for all attendees, but it's also not an event that anyone is a spectator to. All who come must be willing to share and exchange ideas, contribute to the collective understanding.

Here is a rough translation of the topic:

Usage and perspectives in ultra high speed bandwidth.

At the end of the 2000sn ADSL technology radically changed internet access. In early 2009, there were 16,3 million ADSL connections in France. 2010
will be the year of optic fiber.

Usage and activities connected with the digital environment will be radically modified: connected devices, visioconferencing, online gaming, High Definition TV, 3D Interfaces, remote data storage, remote command, cloudsourcing...

  • What are the concrete implications of optic fiber in the home? In public spaces? In businesses? Research? Healthcare?
  • What will be the specificity of these new uses?
  • How will fiber impact the ways of conceiving and develop new services and applications?

During this firmly prospective FibreCamp, come and share your experience, express your expectations and demonstrate your vision of the evolutions brought upon by ultra high speed broadband.

In the tradition of Bar Camps,
any other topics are, of course, welcome. We invite you to mention the project you might want to present on.

Details in French are here.

See you there!