A third P2P incumbent in Europe

Ch_dp Last week I mentioned Telia Sonera's announced P2P deployment saying that it was the second incumbent in Europe after KPN to choose Ethernet Point to Point for their national roll-out. Turns out I was wrong. For some reason I was under the missaprehension that Swisscom was deploying GPON, but I was wrong on that one. I spent some time with people from the Swiss incumbent at ITU in Geneva, and they fixed that error for me.

It's not an insignificant roll-out either since the plan is for 100.000 homes to be connected at the end of this year and 1 million by 2015. Interestingly, last week when I posted the news about Telia Sonera I again received a number of emails and direct tweets saying that incumbents would never accept EP2P if only because it makes unbundling too easy. It seems that argument alone may not be sufficient for those incumbents who have done the math and realise that open access makes economic sense