Free Webinar on Telco Transformation and Wider Economy Services

I have been writing about Telco Transformation a lot lately and hinted recently that I had been doing some work with my colleagues at Yankee Group trying to flesh out an alternative model that would allow established Telcos to transform and generate new revenue streams to compensate for the inevitable disintermediation they are facing.

An overview of this transformation scenario will be presented during a webinar entitled Wider Economy Services: Exploring New Vertical Market Opportunities for Telcos held together by Yankee Group and IBM on October 20th at 11 AM ET.

Here is the official presentation of said webinar:

Yankee Group Speakers:
Brian Partridge, Vice President Research, Yankee Group
Benoît Felten, Principal Analyst Yankee Group
IBM Speakers:
Seeta Hariharan:, Director, Marketing and Communications, Global Communications Sector, IBM
David Mangini, Global Solution Owner - Service Delivery Platform, Telecommunications Sector, IBM

Target audience: Network Service Providers

Webinar summary:
One of the key strategic imperatives
for Telecom Service Providers across the globe is to innovate on and
adopt new retail and wholesale business models. This imperative serves
two main purposes: a) drives new revenue opportunities in adjacent
markets and b) improve and enhance customer experience. The adjacent
markets include smart grids, healthcare, education, public safety,
transportation, financial services, insurance and more. We are calling
these adjacent market opportunities wider- economy services.

To address these markets
successfully, the Telecom Service Providers realize that they need to
migrate away, to a certain extent, from their traditional business
models and network architectures. It places emphasis on the ability to
collaborate with key stakeholders in these adjacent markets – be it
utility companies, regulators and policy makers in the case of smarter
metering or technology providers, healthcare service providers, or
HIPAA in the case of smarter healthcare.  It also requires us to
re-think how the Telco assets will be deployed, packaged and exposed to

This webinar, presented by Yankee
Group and IBM will outline the potential market services, value chains
and stakeholders that Service Providers must consider to successfully
address these adjacent spaces.

What attendees will learn:

  • Evolution of the Service Providers market including new challenges and opportunities

  • Key adjacent markets in growth and mature economies for Service Providers including specific service examples

  • Strategies that the Service Providers must employ to effectively address these markets

  • And, finally, how these new markets will help in driving economic growth

This webinar is free to attend for anyone willing to register, and you can register here.