New report casts doubt on Chinese FTTH/B numbers

Cn_dp As early as two years ago, I cast a doubtful look on the numbers that were coming out of the FTTH Council Asia Pacific regarding Chinese coverage and penetration. This year's numbers are even more astounding. I don't have access to the raw data, but the Global Rankings graph for FTTH/B puts China around 2% of homes passed. This would represent roughly 7 million homes (there are roughly 350 million homes in China).

Yet today I find this In-Stat study on the newswires about FTTH in China. The study extract stipulates 332.000 FTTx subscribers in China, a figure I'm much more likely to believe. Now you will say that one number is homes passed and the other is subscribers, and you will be right. But seriously, if there were truly 7 million homes passed and only 350.000 subscribers, the take rate would be 5%, which would be very low!

I can only conclude that either the announced 7 million homes of the FTTH Council APAC are not homes passed (but only homes where the fiber is "nearby") or that these homes are indeed connected to a network that is not FTTB even though it may involve fiber up to a point.

Either way, it would be nice to have transparent figures for Asia, because as it stands it looks like China has overtaken Japan in absolute numbers of homes passed and while I have no doubt that it will happen at some point, I would very much doubt that it has already happened.

Edit: I've made a sorry ass of myself, all the more ironic when you are contesting someone's numbers. Apologies for that, the text has been fixed. It'll teach me to write blog postings at 1 in the morning... Thanks to those who pointed out the error!