Talking about Telco Transformation on Telecom TV

Around lunchtime today I did a video interview with Martyn Warwick of Telecom TV in their ITU studio in Geneva. Last thing I did before I left and I was expecting them to take a few days to edit it since they've been shooting interviews like crazy over the last five days. And yet it's already out!

Martyn and I talk about some of the aspects I highlighted earlier this week in my 'editorial' on telco transformation (see Of Dinosaurs, Evolution and Suicides). This has been a big topic at the ITU conference this week and I'm cautiously more optimistic than I was when I wrote the piece. Some people clearly get it inside telcos. The real question now is are these people influential enough to make a change.

Anyway, there you have it, and yes I blink as much as I always do in front of a camera (I have no idea why, but I've noticed it...) and no, they didn't get my name right. Oh well, can't have it all!