FTTH Council Europe Annual Conference in Lisbon

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Like I do every year, I will be attending the FTTH
Council Europe Annual Conference in Lisbon
on February 24-25th.
This is a really special event for me as it's the greatest gathering of
minds and matter on the topic of FTTx, and it's a great opportunity to
meet with all those who count in this field and hear from all those who
will count.

In case you are still undecided about attending the event (or if you
just didn't know about it), I have asked the good folks at the FTTH
Council Europe to hand me over a couple of free registrations to give
away on www.fiberevolution.com
and twitter. These registrations are worth 453 €, so it's not a little
gift we are proposing here!

If you wish to win one of these registrations, you need to do
something very simple:

a. if you're not a twitter user yet, you
need to get a twitter account.
b. follow @fiberguy if you don't
already do so.
c. send the following twitter message: 'Win a free pass for the 2-day
FTTH Council Europe event in Lisbon on Feb. 24-25th with @fiberguy: http://bit.ly/b3eap9.
Please RT! #ftth'

And that's it. On Friday, February 12th I will select the two
winners out of the list of participants. It is very important that you
tweet the message above exactly, letter for letter, or I won't be able
to see your participation.