Deutsche Telekom to deploy (some) FTTH in Germany!

De_dp This is the announcement that everyone was waiting for, even though it's of a limited scale. Deutsche Telekom has announced today that it would be investing 10 bn EUR in IT and network upgrades and that an unspecified proportion of this money would go into connecting 4m German homes to FTTH by 2012.

See this news from Trading Markets: Deutsche Telekom Announced New-round FTTH Investment Plan.

I haven't located any more specific information about this although I imagine the German press will be covering it. According to the article, Huawei seems well positioned to reap the rewards of its implantation in Germany, and since they are the core vendor for DT's outside home FTTH operations there's a good chance they will be for the inside home too.

Stay tunes as (hopefully) more information comes up!