Webinar: Emerging Markets & Next-Gen Broadband

Yesterday’s Webinar on Emerging Markets & Next-Gen Broadband was very successful (highest number of attendees of any webinar I hosted or co-hosted) and resulted in a lot of interesting questions. Evidently a few people were knocking at the wrong door asking us about Australia, Singapore or even the US, but for most people, hopefully, this conveyed a high-level view of what’s happening and where we think things are further likely to happen.

For Yankee Group subscribers, this topic will be covered in more depth than an hour webinar allows in a report due early next month. Meanwhile, here are a few ideas prompted by some of the questions that I’m jotting down for further consideration:

  • the concept that wireless and wireline are or will soon be interchangeable still seems to be widely prevalent. I really need to address that in a future report, because there’s no way you will deliver a HD TV experience over LTE, or even Wimax in the foreseeable future
  • in Emerging Markets, the question of fixed or wireless broadband (ie. not triple play) is a real question, and indeed large parts of the countries under consideration might never see the end of a wireline. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for FTTB/H in these countries though, limited as it may be.

The webinar runs about an hour: audio (mp3) and slides (pdf)