A Gb/s in Hong-Kong now costs $26…

Hk_dp HKBN has done it again…

In November, they announced that they were lowering their 100Mb/s symmetric service price to HK$99/month, which resulted in a massive increase in customer acquisition. The price of this particular service level was previously HK$268. As stated in their January 11th press release:

The launch of “AWESOME SPEED. FOR EVERYONE” program on 1 November 2009, which offers symmetric 100Mbps broadband service at US$13/month (HK$99/month), has brought overwhelming market response. For the two months since launch, we have added net 38,000 broadband subscriptions. This growth rate of net 19,000/month is 3x higher than our net 6,250/month achieved during FY09.

Today, they announced that they were lowering the price of their 1Gbps service option to $199/month. This service was previously priced at HK$1680/month. This is a price drop of 4/5th! And it's smart too! Offering a 1Gbps service doesn't cost twice as much as offering a 100Mbps service. By making this move, HKBN will prompt high-end users who currently balk at the price of their 1 Gbps service to switch, thus generating a good revenue increase to a sizeable proportion of their customer base.

Furthermore, the PR impact of such a connection at such a price will be massive!

Way to go, HKBN!