Fiberfete here I come (tag: #fiberfete)

Tomorrow morning, I'm taking a flight out to Louisiana for Fiber Fete. I'm really excited about this event, probably more than I've been about any Fiber related event in a long time. I just finalised my presentation this afternoon, and one of the reasons I'm excited is that I'll be talking about a concept which I don't think anyone has seriously explored yet and could contribute to break the services vs. network chicken and egg that has become a real deadlock in many FTTH markets. Allow me to keep the mystery going at least until then.

Another reason I'm excited is that a lot of my telecom buddies will be there: David Isenberg, the smart father of the stupid network, James Enck, the guru of telecom applied finances, Herman Wagter and Dirk van der Woude, the dancing duett of Dutch fiber, but also Chris Vein, the sharp and ambitious CTO of San Francisco, Jonas Birgesson, the hockeystick wielding fiber disruptor and many more.

I'm also looking forward to listening to (and hopefully talking to) Minnie Ingersoll of Google. Hearing about Google's FTTH plans from the horse's mouth (no disrespect to Minnie) is really exciting. Looking at the agenda, I'm also very interested to hear Lawrence Keyes and John Ragsdale on healthcare, David Weinberger on what happens when Fiber is universal, and frankly, most of the others too. Truth be told, it's one of the only conference I've ever been to where I can't really look ahead and think that there will be a few hours for me to slip away and work...

I'm told the whole thing will be webcast. I don't know the details yet, but I'll be sure to post them. I'm pretty certain - knowing some of the participants - that there will be a more than healthy twitter backchannel too, so set-up your twitter searches to #fiberfete!

I'll be off for two weeks, so my blogging is likely to be a little less regular during that period, but I'll try and keep you in the loop of fiber happenings.