Singapore NBN Video Advertising

IDA Singapore has many videos uploaded on Youtube, but this one, which is clearly the educational material regarding the NBN, is interesting. It's a short clip (45s), quite well produced (apart from maybe the cheapo music) and available both in English and Mandarin.

What's interesting to me here is what the video focuses on and what it doesn't focus on.On the technical side, the one and only emphasis is "installation will be easy". It's said in a very casual way, but is perhaps the most important message: as many projects around the world have found, convincing people to open their doors for a fiber deployment (even if free), is very very hard.

An another interesting aspect of this video (in my opinion) is that it does not talk bandwidth at any point. Apart from describing the NBN as "ultra-fast", the video doesn't mention any technical feature, instead focusing on potential services. That's where the approach is both powerful and (in my opinion) misleading: powerful becauses it focuses on services that are different from what you can get on regular broadband today, and it makes the TV the hub of these services. Misleading because it seems to present as actual services that are really mostly promises at this stage.

Still, it's interesting to see technology sold in a non-technology way. I think that's the way to do it and I sure hope it works!