FTTH Council North America Conference in Las Vegas

Even though I had a few meetings yesterday in Las Vegas, the conference proper only started today for me with a metric ton of meetings and my talk entitled 'Fiber to the Home ARPU and Service Considerations'. Here are a couple of the highlights of the day:

This morning, EPB, the utility provider of Chatanooga, TN announced that it was launching a 1 Gb/s symmetric service. At roughly $350 per month, it's pricey, but it's also the first of its kind in the US. Currently, Chatanooga covers about 100 000 homes in Chatanooga and they plan to expand that to 170 000 by the end of the year. What's really interesting about their deployment is that the original impetus was smart grids, and the business model blends economies in energy provisioning by the smart grid deployment and consumer broadband, TV and telephony revenues.

Also this morning, i3 Americas, the US subsidiary of the i3 group announced that they were deploying a municipal network in Quincy, Illinois. This is their first official announcement that I know of outside of the UK, and it's an interesting one for that reason. For those who don't know i3, they are currently deploying municipal fiber in Bournemouth and Dundee in the UK and have recently announced a project in Aberdeen.

Because of all the meetings I didn't really get to attend many speaking slots. There's a risk of it being the same tomorrow, I'm afraid, but I learned about the most interesting sessions from people who did attend. My own session went really well; so well in fact that I was left wondering if this wasn't the first session ever on services at the North American event: I had numerous questions at the end and when I offered to share the slides I was mobbed with business card wielding attendees!

I also met (finally) with Mrs. Broadband Trends, aka Teresa Mastrangelo (follow her on @broadbandtrends on twitter) and a few other readers of this blog. All in all a good day, which will probably end in some kind of decadent foodie Vegas place...