Cisco Umi Survey Results

I let the Cisco Umi survey run until last night. As of that time, there were 66 respondants (not bad…) Before I comment the results, let me stress that I do not consider this to be either unbiased or statistically significant, it's just an interesting tidbit of early reaction to the product. Here are the results:

If this was unbiased and statistically significant, the results would be kind of what I would have expected. 10.6% of respondants show some interest in the product, which would probably translate into adoption of 2 to 3%, not surprising at the price level the product is at. About 25% of respondants seem willing to give the product a chance, including a 'wait and see' attitude (which is what I voted, incidentally).

Meanwhile, in case you haven't noticed, Logitech Revue is soon to be released embedding Google TV capability and... surprise surprise, HD video-calling capability (with an added webcam.) It will retail for $299, a much more reasonable price point, especially considering the device will bring much more than just HD video-calling. I have little doubt that the video experience with umi will be better, but this means that out of the door Cisco will face stiff and multi-faceted competition...