Competition Works!

Us_dp Seen from the outside, the lack of effective competition in the US telecom market is evident, and yet incumbents and their lobbyists regularly do all they can to argue that the US market is competitive. They might occasionally agree that deep rural markets might lack true competition, but scream blue murder if you as much as suggest that this is also the case in dense urban markets.

Brough Turner is an Boston entrepreneur and good friend who has worked hard on trying to introduce competition where there was none, ie. in the heart of Boston. The following slide is one he uses in his presentations to underline that point. He's done his market research and the facts are damning:

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You can go to David Weinberger's blog for Brough's own comments on the slide. The consequence of this is that Brough has decided to start his own business to build - in his own words - an end run around the duopoly (phone company and cable company), around the regulatorium (FCC, etc.) and around Congress.

Check out NetBlazr's website for details as to how they do it. The solution is commercially available in downtown Boston, and while it's currently marketed - in pilot phase - as a second source of business broadband it has the potential to deeply redefine the US broadband landscape if and when it starts to scale.