The trouble with ducts and poles

UK I have written in the past about passive infrastructure remedies to competition. Portugal is one country where such remedies seem to have had positive effects on the market. Applying similar remedies in the UK was a big part of the new government's answer to next-generation broadband issues. However, as Pauline Rigby writes on her Optical Reflection blog (Passive Access: Who Shares Wins), putting the intentions in practice is turning out to be not so efficient.

Pauline writes about some of the regional development projects where competition is effectively hindered by the absence of such a passive infrastructure wholesale offering, and highlights how even if and when BT comes up with an offer (and supposing it's competitive) the restrictions on usage of these passive components may undermine any business model aiming to use them efficiently. 

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, they say. Let's hope that this actually goes beyond good intentions fast...