Is TEO a precursor of things to come ?

Lithuania.svg Today, Lithuanian incumbent TEO announces that it has passed the 100.000 FTTP customer landmark (more specifically, 88.000 on FTTH and 12.000 on FTTB). In and of itself, that may not seem newsworthy, but things become more interesting when you realise that their overall FTTP footprint is roughly 285.000 homes passed. That's a 35% take-up rate roughly and it was achieved mostly in the last 18 months.

Many FTTH doubters point to the fact that take-up in many countries is low, often very low. They use the argument to suggest that there's no demand and therefore that deploying FTTP is overkill. I often suggest that perhaps the low take-up has other causes: implementation issues, poor go-to-market and/or misaligned product portfolios. TEO demonstrates that incumbents can get it right and get the high take-up you need to have a sound business model fast. 

How are they doing it ? I don't know that yet, but I will investigate. If you have pointers, feel free to share!