Meet Us at the FTTH Council Conference in Milan (Feb. 8-10th)

The 2011 FTTH Council Europe Annual Conference will take place in Milan on Feb 9-10th with some pre-conference workshops on the 8th. This is a major event in the industry and most everyone will find content there that they will find exciting. Benoît has highlighted what he's excited about content wise over on the Fiberevolution blog.

Diffraction Analysis is a partner of this conference which means a number of things:

  • We will have a mini-booth as part of the analyst corner (might sound weird sharing a space with your competitors, but research is such an incestuous industry that it's actually quite fun!) The whole Diffraction Analysis team as it currently stands will be present, so if you want to meet with James, Benoît, Costas or Herman, please come and visit. You can also contact each analyst before hand to set up specific meetings if you wish to do so.
  • Being an analyst partner also means that we have a discount code for you should you wish to attend the event (which we hope you will!) In order to use the code, go to the conference registration page and enter the following code: MILFTTH93. This will entitle you to a registration fee at 350 EUR instead or the normal 450 EUR.

We will be directly or indirectly involved with two separate sessions at the conference:

  • Benoît will be chairing a session entitled Is FTTH Needed for Content & Applications? at 9.30 on February 10th. The session was put together by Benoît and the Council in collaboration and will feature Link Care Services, Manodo, Altibox and Dalkia.
  • Stéphane, the CEO of Tactis, one of Diffraction Analysis' shareholders will be presenting the financial impact of using latest-generation fiber technologies (supercoatings, extractible fiber, etc.) on deployment business models.

We will also host an informal get together at our booth on Feb. 9th at 17.45 during the official cocktail. Grab a drink and come over to meet with us, discuss our research agenda, get a complimentary report and taste sweets from France, the UK, the Netherlands and Greece.

We will also be available at other times and will have one of us at the booth at all times.