Some Fiber News to Start the New Year

A couple of interesting bits of news have trickled today (but CES is probably going to generate a whole lot more…) which I thought I would share:

The ARC, an association of landowners in France have denounced the deal they signed with Free for fibering up MDUs two years ago. They claim that Free hasn't met their targets in vertical deployment, that they sign contracts even when their optical node isn't ready in the area and generally that most of the tenant complaints related to fiber are due to Free. Not all that surprising considering how little Free has done when it comes to meeting their own FTTH objectives, but still a sign that if they don't do something quickly the market will shut them out...

Verizon says that their big announcement at CES will be about launching a home automation offering. It should offer control for locking and unlocking as well as energy and heating monitoring and control. It should be accessible via a mobile phone app, an internet portal and a FiOS TV widget. Verizon also says they will demo a video-conferencing app' based on Cisco's ümi at CES, but it's not clear if that's just joint marketing or if Verizon and Cisco have some to some kind of distribution or integrated deal for ümi.

I didn't write a "2011 prediction" post this year, mostly because it's what every analyst does, and it gets a little repetitive in the end. What I can say for sure is that 2011 will be a momentous and challenging year for me personally. Some of you may have learned that I left my previous employer a couple of months back, and next week I will be ready to announce what I'm doing next, and I hope it will get you as excited as it gets me.

Keep your eyes peeled !