Is Google FTTH Coming to Europe?

The new news making a low buzz this week-end stemmed from a comment made by Google's SVP David Drummond last Friday in Paris, that Google was "looking very closely" at a European FTTH endeavour. It's unclear whether Drummond was talking about a specific opportunity or about the possibility of replicating the Google Fiber process. 

Either way, there's not much to be said about it with that little information. My immediate reaction however, is surprise. Google's own Kevin Lo came out very strongly against regulation a few weeks ago in Paris during his speech at BBWF. If Google thinks the regulation they're facing in the US is unpleasant, they need to open their eyes to European regulation.

More generally, I don't think Google is culturally aligned with doing a KC-style project in Europe. Maybe my vision of their organisation is a caricature of what they actually are, so keep in mind I could be wrong about this, but I doubt that they have the finesse to navigate such a project in Europe. 

Still, not much more to say at this stage, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open...