Get free passes for the FTTH Forum in Budapest

Next week I'm flying out to Budapest for the FTTH Forum. Pretty excited about the line-up that we put together with the organisers. It's the first time that I get this involved with the agenda at a fiber event, and I've ensured that the people speaking were people I would want to listen to (and I do a lot of these conferences, so believe me when I say that there are some people I've heard many times and some topics I've heard much too much about...)

When thinking up the relevant speakers, I tried to combine three things:

  • First of all, people who have actual experience in FTTH, be it on the financial, operational or marketing side. Much too often at events you get people who are either PR or R&D people, neither of which (in my opinion) are strictly relevant to people who are considering an investment. As an example of this, we have invited Frans van Camp, the CEO of XS Insight who has developed complex algorithmic tools to optimise deployment technologies on the route to high-speed broadband. Instead of debating which technology is better than which other, his speech will be about demonstrating how all the technology choices might fit in a given deployment, in different places and at different times.
  • Second, people who are thrilling speakers. Too often again at conferences you get people speaking who aren't really at ease on stage, and more importantly don't feel like they believe what they're talking about. Having articulate and passionate speakers was another one of our goals. Dave Carter from the Manchester Digital Development Association there is such a speaker. Punchy and profound is how I'd describe him, and once you've heard him you understand why Manchester is doing what they are doing. 
  • Finally, we wanted to have an open-mind and offer contrarian views on certain commonly accepted topics. The public involvement in FTTH deployment is such a topic. Most conferences would not have invited someone who has been advocating against it, we have. Robert Kenny is a member of Communications Chambers, and has published a report that aims to prove that public involvement in NGA infrastructure is unnecessary and unsound. Not only will Robert get to illustrate his points but we will orchestrate a debate on this issue to close the day. 

These are just three of the great people you'll here that day (the full agenda is here). All in all, it should be a really great conference day. Since Diffraction Analysis is a partner of the event, we have a special treat for our friends and followers (and that includes Fiberevolution readers): we have a number of free passes to give away.

If you'd like to benefit from one, please email me as soon as possible, they might be going fast. All I ask is that you only apply for a pass if you're sure you'll make it to the conference!