Things to expect from the Munich FTTH Council Conference

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I'm getty pretty excited at the approach of the Munich FTTH Council Conference on February 14-16th. The first reason is the keynote speech. To be honest, the keynote speakers in previous years (with the exception of Carlota Perez) had failed to get me entusiastic. For the most part, they were good and interesting speakers, but had little relevant to say to the topic of the conference. 

Not so this year. The keynote speaker for 2012 is Peter Cochrane. Peter's a great speaker and a man of experience (he was the CTO of BT until the mid 90s), he's also very outspoken and gifted with a wry British humor that promises entertainment. More importantly though, he knows his stuff. As an independant strategy consultant, he has advised a number of telecom players on their FTTH strategies, including the Jersey Telecom project, one of the few incumbent fiber substitution plans in the world. You can read an interview with Peter over on the FTTH Council website.)

I have another reason to be impatient, however. We're currently in the middle of an ambitious study we're performing for the Council on the service strategies of FTTH operators in Europe. We are interviewing many of these to understand how they approach the services issues, how they arbitrate between attractiveness and revenue generation and how usage trends are differentiated between DSL and FTTH users.

The results will paint the picture of how service offerings can be optimised for FTTH operations, which services are truly differentiating and how a service provider can build an optimal portfolio to maximise success in FTTH. These results will be unveiled during the Munich conference. 

We'll be talking more about this study and other interesting speakers at the conference as time draws closer to mid-February.