FTTH Council Europe Elects Karin Ahl as President of the Board

When I was in Munich last month for the annual FTTH Council Conference, there was much talk behind the scenes about the election of the new president of the Board: Chris Holden was reaching the end of his tenure. Chris' work has been crucial in establishing the relationships with institutions like the EIB and the European Commission. FTTH has become a mainstream topic now and the Council needed to be recognised as the partner de rigueur for discussions on broadband technology, policy and strategies.

I found out today that the new president of the Council will be Karin Ahl, and I was thrilled by the news. Karin is a digital native, very energetic and dynamic, she's from Sweden, and I think she can steer the Council in a direction that will drive even deeper the message that FTTH is what the future is made of.

I'm looking forward to her tenure!