Diffraction Analysis NGA Workshop in Bogota

In two weeks time on June 1st, my excellent ex-colleague Wally Swain and I will be running a one-day workshop on NGA business models in Bogota, Colombia, on the backend of the ACIEM Telecom Conference.

The purpose of the workshop is to share our knowledge on NGA business models in general and on Latin American opportunities in particular. Topics covered will include:

Session 1: Next Generation Access Dynamics

  • Next Generation Access Deployment Around the World will offer an overview of FTTx deployment around the world and assess the main lessons learned from these various experiences. Many of these will be examined in more detail later during the day.
  • Drivers to NGA are important to understand the incentives for different types of players to enter the NGA field. While some drivers may be universal (appeal for quality business services, increase in bandwidth demand, etc.) they affect different players in different ways.
  • NGA in Latin America will present and analyze initiatives in Next-Generation Access in Latin America, look at trends and commonalities and attempt to anticipate how the wireline market will play out in light of these emerging approaches.

Session 2: The Specificities of NGA Business Models

  • Business Model Basics will look into the core cost and revenue constituents of an FTTx business model and examine the implications of these large masses on the economics of offering FTTx services.
  • Alternative Business Models and Optimization Strategies will explore alternative approaches to building the business model, including FTTC vs. FTTx comparisons, co-investment approaches and wholesale models. It will also present proven strategies to enhance the core business model components and their impact on return on investment.
  • Implications of NGA regulation will examine regulatory frameworks to NGA investment and their potential implications on business models.

Session 3: Technology, Marketing and Services

  • The impact of technology choices on business models essentially lies in two areas: cost optimization and service or evolution limitations. The different approaches and their implications will be presented and evaluated.
  • Go-To-Market and Service Strategies are often more important to profitability of FTTx approaches than technical choices. The go-to-market approach to get customers to switch platforms are very different from what is commonly used in mobile or broadband. Services act both as vectors for attractiveness (thus getting customers to switch) and revenue generating units. Bothe these aspects will be examined in this section.

More details and registration information can be found at http://www.seminario-nga.com.