How about embracing positive externalities?

The Old Till by Benoît Felten (benfelten)) on
The Old Till by Benoît Felten

Yesterday’s post was a bitch to write, so I hope you liked it.

Today I’m taking a rest (kind of) but posting something that ultimately relates very much to yesterday’s post and particularly the puzzlement about the "economic signal" argument used against free peering.

Cory Doctorow posted a column in the Guardian entitled "Just because something has value doesn't mean it has a price".

The obsession with squeezing monetary value out of every externality that might have value is exactly at the heart of the net neutrality debate: it's not that the ISPs aren't deriving fair value from their access business, it's that they can't sleep at night accepting that others are too and that they're not getting paid for it.

It's really well worth reading and helps me (at least) frame some responses to the argument put forward yesterday.