This is why Net Neutrality matters. Yes, this.

I have written a fair bunch recently about Net Neutrality, and I'll be writing some more, because this is by no means an issue that's going anywhere in the near future. Meanwhile though, I wanted to relay an example of a blatant neutrality breach that really stunned me. It was reported by Zachary Henkel on his blog last month in an article entitled ISP Advertisement Injection.

I encourage you to read it, but here's the story in a nutshell: connecting through a wi-fi network, Henkel noticed some really intrusive advertising banners. He thought it was malware at first, but after extensive testing on multiple computers, he realised that it was the ISP superimposing advertising over his normal surfing.

In France recently we've seen an ISP deleting adverts, and sadly some people were in support of that, because they think they're already subjected to too much advertising. But this is really the same thing at core: it's the company that sells you internet access deciding what you should see or not see of the internet.

Now if that doesn't make you scared...