Power to the People

Last week, I was invited to speak at the APDC annual conference in Lisbon. I love the city and although it was a pretty hectic day, it’s always fun to be there, especially when it’s sunny. The topic of the panel I was sitting on was Power to the People, something more philosophical and futuristic than what I normally do.

I used this video as part of my talk, see if you can spot the connection…


(Spoiler: video was self-censored by French media, this is a news clip from the Belgian news and was viewed over 13 million times on Youtube)

It was an interesting event, over three days, with a whole slew of prestigious speakers which goes to show, if indeed it was needed, that Portugal really is one of the most interesting telecom markets in Europe. They have some of the highest (if not the highest) 3G and mobile broadband take-ups, a very dynamic DSL market and fiber to the home currently deployed by Sonae with competitors PT and Vodafone poised to respond.

On that topic, I had the opportunity to see the Clix fiber truck (Clix is Sonae’s broadband brand) but I didn’t have my camera, so the photos are still in one of my colleague’s cameras. I’ll show it to you when I’ve recovered them.

And speaking of photos, the organisers of the conference sent me this one, and I don’t look too shabby (if I say so myself) for a change!