A bit of cross-blog advertising…

Today I have just opened a new blog. Just as my first blog was about my passion for music in general and harmonica in
particular (or is it the other way 'round?) and my second (this one) about my
(professionally related) passion about fiber to the home and its
implications, my third blog is about a new interest of mine which has
recently bloomed into a full-fledged passion: photography.

Photography is something that I enjoy doing, but when you're pleased
with the results you really want to show it to other people. So this is
what that new blog is about and since I'm just a beginner, I entitled
it Apprenti Photographe
(Photographer Apprentice.) Unsurprisingly, you will see a lot of photos
there of musicians, but other things also. I don't yet have any decent photos of fiber optics or related equipment, but it might happen, you never know! I hope you enjoy it and I
intend to try and post one photo a day. Oh, and it's bilingual, so don't be fooled by the French title!