La Quille!

I'm sure you noticed the cryptic French post titles recently. I won't explain this one, let's just say that if you read Asterix dans le texte (in the original language) you know what this refers to.

All this to say that as of three minutes ago (and it's only 1.30 AM) I'm on holiday. Well, mostly; I have a few loose ends to tie next week, but nothing too stressful. In typical French fashion, I'm taking three weeks holiday in a row, which I suspect gave my boss a near heart-attack, but let me tell you, I need it. Big time.

Anyway, expect posting to become a little more sparse over the next few weeks. I'll try to do some summer blogging by dealing with stuff I never have time to deal with like:

  • twitter and what it does to you (or at least to me)
  • the state of fiberevolution
  • summer reading (Digital Britain and few other things are on my pile)

Have a nice one if you're taking some vacation too, and if not good luck with the quiet office life!