No Fiber: Your Building is Too Recent!

Fr_dp Fiber to the home is seeping into the mainstream consciousness here in France, and there's an increasing number of mentions and editorials on the topic even though the subscriber count is still dramatically low. On the blogs of Cultural magazine Telerama, there's a fun (and clearly romanticized) account of one guy's attempt to get FTTH installed into his home. It's entitled J'ai Pas La Fibre (I don't have Fiber). Very funny read if you speak French.

It's hard to distinguish what actually happened from what is added for literary effect, but reading between the lines it seems that the guy had to book three appointments to get the technicians coming to his home. When they came, the worked for three hours to finally conclude that there was no way to get the fiber from outside the appartment to inside the appartment. The final conclusion from the installation guy was:

« There's no need to protest. Your building is only six years old, it's too recent to receive optic fiber. In haussmanian buildings, it's much more convenient. »

I have mentioned here before - and my friend Marc is the champion of that topic - that service providers are running into an issue of skilled labor for fiber deployment, and this seems to be a good case in point. If that's the norm, deployment is going to be awful slooooooooow...