Tech in a Sec

You will have noticed that it's been quiet here in the last few days. For the first time in years I'm enjoying a genuine holiday and made a semi-conscious decision that Fiberevolution was closer to work than leisure (if you want daily blog updates from me, check our Apprenti Photographe.)

Still, when a good resource comes up, it needs sharing, and such a resource has come up: my ex-collague Josh Martin has just started his own tech blog, entitled Tech in a Sec. My focus here is mostly on the network and how it allows you to access internet and applications. Josh talks about internet and applications.

His focus is mostly US centric and relatively even between Wireline and Wireless, but hopefully I'll convince him to tell us what the next gen FTTH enabled apps will be! His writing has the right level of wit and incisiveness to be entertaining as well as informative. Check it out!