Want to understand the challenges to the traditional telco model?

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As events go, ecomm is innovative not only because of the content it presents but because of the form. There are a lot more speakers than you will find at other events, and they are requested to speak a lot less (15mn slots), thus giving sharper focus to their demonstrations. The European edition will be held in Amsterdam on October 28-30th. I will be speaking there about Open Access, but to tell you the truth what I'm really excited about is the rest of the program.

Here are ten good reasons to attend ecomm:

#1 You will hear Martin Geddes explain how BT, under his guidance, is reorganising itself around core voice capabilities and redefining what voice means in a transformed telco.

#2 You will see James Enck moderating a panel on financing telecom activities in a post-crisis world, adressing the crucial question of where the money will be coming from.

#3 You will listen to Idate's Julien Salanave detail the positioning scenarios for future telcos (and according to the title of his speech, one of these positions might be 'six feet under'.)

#4 You will understand how - according to Dean Bubley - legacy voice business models are still polluting the LTE ecosystem in its infancy.

#5 You will witness Rudolf van der Berg detailing his views on how interconnection will evolve as part of the telco transformation (whether telcos like it or not...)

#6 Google's own Stephanie Hannon, Lars Rasmussen and David Wang will present Google Wave and the paradigm that underlies this announced revolution in interactive communications.

#7 Sascha Meinrath of the New America Foundation will expose his views on the importance of open spectrum.

#8 Bob Frankston will subject you to his truly radical scenario of network evolution and the non-monetary value creation that results from it.

#9 Brough Turner will formalise his thoughts on "junk" spectrum and how it may represent a huge boon for non-captive wireless models in the next five years.

#10 Ofcom, through the voice of its Head of R&D Pr. William Webb will discuss spectrum policy and how it will evolve in the future.

And these are only ten of the 66 speakers I counted!

As part of the speaker package, I have two invites to share. One is free, the other is 50% off. This is so worth it, even at full price that I think you should pay anyway, but it would be sad for these to go to waste, so the first email sent requesting an invite will get the fully free invite and the second one will get the 50% off invite (on the exclusive condition that it will be used!)

For all the others, you should still attend! Go to the ecomm website to register!