Broadband drives Economic Growth… in some ways

Giga Om's Stacey Higginbotham wrote a really interesting article yesterday (Broadband Boosts Economic Development… To A Point) on a study undertaken by the Public Policy Institute of California. I'll let you read the article (and the study if you have the time) but what I take out is this: while there is a clear impact on employment in a given location once you get real broadband competition in place in that location, the employment gain might not be for inhabitants of that location (as new workers will come to places of employment) and it's not evenly distributed amongst professions.

One of things that really puzzles me in the table Stacey put up is the negative impact of broadband deployment on median household revenue. I guess I'll have to read the study to figure out where this one comes from.

I'm also wondering how applicable these results would be to Europe where worker mobility is much more limited.