Fiber-Coloured Lisbon

I have landed in Lisbon (despite the best attemps of French Air Traffic Controllers to prevent me from doing so) where the weather is pretty dreadful and wet. Still, there's excitement in the air as players in the FTTH field come from all over the world in the Portuguese capital for 2 days of talks, meetings, speeches and demos under the umbrella of the FTTH Council Europe.

It'll be two totally packed days for me, but I hope to find the time to do a little bit of live blogging nonetheless. I also have my trusted zi6 pocket video camera with me, and I've lined up a number of interviews so if technology doesn't fail me, expect to see some content. 

I will also tweet as much as possible ( if you don't follow me already.)  I don't know what the official hashtag is so I'll post under #ftthlisbon to begin with.

If you are at the show and wish to meet, feel free to send me an email or tweet about it. I have managed to keep the 1-2 PM slots available on both days, and Yankee Group should have a table at the analyst booth, so that's where I'm most likely to be.