Introducing the Fiberevolution mailing list

This is something I've been meaning to do for months, if not years, but always pushed back. I love blogging and it's brought me a lot (as I hope it has to my readers), but one thing that has becoming increasingly evident to me is that people do not comment easily, and so while I'm happy with the medium to broadcast my thoughts, it hasn't really proved to be the right way to interact.

This mailing list in invitation only, but you can (of course) send me an email to be invited. It's open to anyone who has an interest in matters related to NGA and FTTP. It will operate under the following rules:

  • the purpose of the list is to discuss and apply collective brainpower to the topic of wireline Next Generation Access, including but not necessarily limited to FTTP.
  • other telecom related topics may be discussed if they are adjacent to our core topic, but don't be surprised to see list admins ask for topic shutdowns if things get too far off track.
  • much as I want this to be convivial and friendly, it's been my experience that mailing lists can die from too many jokes and personal messages. I'll let everyone exert their good judgement as to when not to post, but please try to stay on topic.
  • certain topics will not be tolerated on the list. For now, these include politics and religion (assuming there are ways that these could be on topic). The list may be extended in the future.
  • aggressive behaviours, baiting, insults (blatant or otherwise), racism and other manifestations of intolerance will not be accepted on the list. I will be harsh if and when these crop up.
  • many of the members will be representatives of service providers or vendors, but despite that the list will not be a medium for commercial activities. Members who indulge in hard-selling (onlist of offlist to list members) will be banned.

So remember, all you have to do to join is to send me an email. You'll find a link to do that at the top right corner of this page, under my photo. Hope to see you there!