Join me and colleagues for a YG Webinar Today !

This is kind of last minute, but I wanted to mention that in a couple of hours Yankee Group will be holding a free webinar on the topic of Telco Growth. Here is the official presentation:

Will wireless kill wireline
vendors? Will Google kill telcos? What is next-gen? The idea of
strategic growth conjures up dozens of questions—and no specific
answers. Mobile traffic is rising, and consumers and enterprises are
constantly demanding more bandwidth, content and speed. The
communications industry must work to keep up by both evolving
traditional business models and building the capacious, ubiquitous
network needed to satisfy demand.

In this webinar, Yankee Group analysts Benoit Felten, Declan Lonergan
and Camille Mendler will explore the challenges and opportunities faced
today by service providers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors
and others as the network approaches Anywhere.

If you're interested in joining, register here!