Broadening my perspectives

I have been given a new position within Yankee Group, that of Director, Access Research. What this means operationally is that I will be coordinating a team of analysts covering a variety of topics related to access networks, both wireline and wireless. I will also continue to be an analyst myself, of course, there's no such thing as a manager only in this business (and that's fine by me!)

What I find interesting and challenging intellectually is that this will allow me to bridge the confrontational view of wireline vs. wireless which I keep hearing about despite my thinking it's absurd. I hope to muster some of the brain power on the wireless side to try and look more comprehensively at how the access network will evolve organically on both sides as this seems to me the only way that it makes sense for the access network to evolve.

I thought I'd mention this here since I know that many of the people I interact with in my day job are also reading this blog. See you on the road!